First Family - Obamas visit immigration fasters President Obama...

Obamas visit immigration fasters

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama visited Friday with a group of protesters who are fasting in an effort to pressure Congress to pass an immigration bill.

The Obamas praised organizers Eliseo Medina and Dae Joong Yoon and thanked “all of the fasters for their sacrifice and dedication, and told them that the country is behind them on immigration reform,” according to a White House statement.

Obama’s comments were inaudible to a pool of reporters.

The president said “it is not a question of whether immigration reform will pass, but how soon,” according to a White House statement. “He said that the only thing standing in the way is politics, and it is the commitment to change from advocates like these brave fasters that will help pressure the House to finally act.”

Photo Credits: (@Fast4Families), (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP)

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